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diet coaching fat loss health health coach nutrition coaching time management weight loss Mar 13, 2021

How to Start Owning Your Day


How many times have you wished for more time so you could do the things you want to do, or know you need to do--like, take better care of yourself?


You want to exercise, you want to eat better, and you want to sleep more, but you already have so much to do, and the thought of adding more is utterly overwhelming. 


I’ve been coaching women for almost three years now, and the number one thing I see many clients struggle with is finding the time to implement the things they know they need to implement in order for them to lose weight. 


Many of them work full time outside the home, they are raising families, running a household, being a wife, they volunteer...they are doing all of the things--and taking time out to focus on their health has been one of the biggest challenges to overcome… 


But, they’ve all done it. 


I’ve done it.


And so many others have done it--so this should tell you that you can do it too. 


It really comes down to knowing where your time is going and learning how to tell your time where to go.


When you set a goal to lose weight--or any goal, for that matter--you’re going to have to be intentional about the actions you’re going to need to take in order to reach that goal.


You’ll never get there if you just keep thinking about the goal, but never take any action… 


And I apologize for my directness--but, not having time is just an excuse. 


Because I know a lot of busy people who have the time to eat well and exercise--because the make the time… 


They make it a priority for their life. 


The truth is, you have the time--it’s just not your priority yet… 


And it’s ok if weight-loss isn’t your top priority--in fact, I almost hope it’s not...but your health and wellbeing should be. 


When you prioritize your health, weight loss just kind of naturally happens...and so do all kinds of other amazing things! 


And in order to prioritize your health, you have to make time to do the things that are going to make you healthy--like eat well, rest, move your body, manage stress…


And if you feel like there’s just no way you could possibly fit anything else into your day...I’m going to challenge you to take a step back and take a closer look…


So, grab a notebook and a pen, and I want you to write out your typical daily schedule...What does your typical day look like? 


For example, my typical day looks like this: 

5:00am  WAKE

5:15am  Bible study

6:00am  Workout

6:45am  Get my daughter ready for school and out the door

7:50am  Shower and get ready

8:45am  Prep my tea and tidy up the kitchen

9:00am  Head up to my office for work time

12:00pm Lunch 

12:45pm Office

4:30pm  Homework, dinner prep

5:30pm Dinner time

6:00pm Prep food for the next day and clean up kitchen

6:30pm Family time

7:45pm Start bedtime routines

8:30pm Kiddo to bed + I head into my office to plan for the next day

9:00pm Read in bed

9:30pm Lights out

9:30p-5:00a SLEEP


Now, I want you to actually take a day or two and track your time…


Literally carry a notebook and write down hour by hour what you did… 


If anything this will make you think twice about how you spend your time.


Pay attention to how much time you spend sleeping...Do you get enough sleep? 7-8 hours is what you should aim for 


How much time do you spend getting ready for work? Is there anything you can shift to free up more time? For instance, try shampooing your hair every other day to save some time...


How much time do you spend making sure everyone has everything they need for the day? Could you work on getting into the habit of getting everything ready to go the night before so all you have to worry about is grabbing bags and running out the door? 


You could pack lunches, fill water bottles, make sure bags are all packed, shoes are all found, clothes are laid out… This could literally take you less than 30 minutes the night before and it will add time to your morning and free up so much head space and alleviate so much morning stress and chaos.


How much time do you spend driving? 


How much time did you spend at work? 


How much time did you spend preparing food and eating meals? 


How much time did you spend exercising? 


How much time did you spend watching TV? 


How much time did you spend on social media?


By taking the time to see where your time is actually going, you’ll be able to see what you are prioritizing and you’ll be better equipped to reorder your priorities so you can make your health one of them. 


Because, here’s the thing--you health will never become a priority unless you make it one. 


And in order to make it one, you’ve got to make time for it!


So, think about how you can make time for it in your day…


How can you get more sleep?


When can you fit a workout in?


When can you fit some food prep/meal planning in?


When will you make time to eat? 


You don’t have to make these changes all at once--start with one thing, master it, and then add in another. 


Before you know it, you’ll be living a lifestyle you love to live!