Build your best life and uncover your healthiest self. 

With Habits + Heartwork Personal Coaching, you'll  gain the knowledge and learn the tools and strategies that will help you cut through all of the noise around weight loss so you can build the habits, systems, routines, and mindsets that will have you saying goodbye to diets forever.

Through this 12-week  1:1 coaching package we'll take a deep dive into uncovering your deep seeded habits and mindsets around diet and exercise that are keeping you stuck and we'll work towards building new habits and mindsets that will help you let go of dieting and live your days with energy and purpose. 

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"I have so much more to learn but I look back and see how far I’ve come. I remember the first couple days of exercise and how out of shape I was....I see my grocery cart and see how bad my food choices were because I had NO idea what to even look for on a label or how to understand it.  Now I know what foods are ok and what is not. It’s been an amazing journey so far so THANK YOU!"


Hi! I'm Laci...

And I've chased down almost every quick-fix fad that has ever been in hopes of finding the one thing that would help me find what I was looking for...

Which was a body that I loved living in.

It took me a long time to realize that this would never be fully achieved by expensive supplements, complicated programs, strenuous exercise, or meticulously managing every bite I took. 

This had to begin with a decision to love the body I was living in right now. 

And by making this decision, it made it easier to make every other decision that would impact the outcome of my overall health and wellness...

Because I make these decisions out of love for my body and love for myself.

It's a magical shift and it brings me great joy to be able to help you make it too.

The Right Intentions

Why you're doing what you're doing matters, so you will learn how to make choices with intention.

The Right Nutrition

Nutrition impacts EVERYTHING, so teaching you how to fuel your body well is the #1 priority.

The Right Habits

What you do consistently is going to determine your outcome, so you'll learn how to build the right habits into your day to build a sustainable lifestyle.