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Hi, I’m Laci! I can’t wait to help you build a healthy, balanced lifestyle that will take you to your health and wellness goals and keep you there.


After years of starving and striving towards a number on the scale, I set out to find a way to live my life free from the constant battle.  I now use the tools and strategies I have learned to help other women stop chasing numbers and start living life.


Establish the foundation to build your healthiest life.


Whether you are just getting started on making healthy changes to your lifestyle, or you've been at it for years, if you want to truly be living a healthy lifestyle that will allow you to lose weight and keep it off, you have to start with a healthy mindset--or, as I like to sometimes refer to it, a healthy heartset. 

In my own personal experience and in my experience with coaching women through their weight loss journey, I've discovered that the biggest issue women face when it comes to losing weight doesn't have as much to do with diet and exercise as we like to think.

Please don't misunderstand me--diet and exercise are pretty important, but we're missing a bigger piece of the puzzle by not putting just as much of our focus and energy into developing the right mindset, establishing the right priorities, and learning how to effectively manage our time.

When you can establish a solid foundation around these principles, everything else (ahem, your diet and your exercise) will fall into place, and stay there. 

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